Hot summer wedding in Wilton Castle Bree

Wilton Castle Bree

Wilton Castle Bree is a fast upcoming venue for weddings these days. Its said that it only caters for small weddings but this wedding goes to show just how you can adapt the venue to suit your day. Kirsty & Connor certainly went for something other than your usual marquee. They brought in a company to put up Teepee tents and they did an amazing job combining them all to make one large area for all to sit and have their dinner. With coverings on the ground just incase it rained and it also helped the ladies from sinking their heels into the ground. Wilton Castle is indyllically situated on the banks of the meandering River Boro, just outside the village Bree. Trust me when I tell you this is one amazing location to have a wedding. With the old castle ruins in the background and the attached newly refurbished extension. It is so peaceful as its off the beaten track and all you can hear is the breeze through the trees and the quietness of the river flowing past. Kirsty & Connor chose this venue as they wanted something quite different than your hotel. with everything under the Teepee, everyone was close by and they were able to mingle amongst their family and friends and some family providing the Trad music before everyone sat for their meal. It wasn’t your normal table and chairs but then this wasn’t your normal wedding. Not that it bothered the guests in any way. The caterers ensured everyone got fed in a very efficient manner and no one was waiting long for their plate. Food was tasty as it always is in Wexford.  They even had plenty of room for the dance floor and I bet the guests went away from that place wishing they had done something like that. As always in Ireland the weather played a huge part and it delivered on this day!




Wilton Castle Bree teepee tent

A beautiful summer wedding Wilton Castle Bree, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, Ireland – Natural Unobtrusive Photography

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