Wedding Videography

Wedding Videos Wexford

Wedding videos Wexford. Fergul McClean Wedding films. Going from out style of unobtrusive photography we have decided to offer videography for you. Even if you’ve already booked a photography we can still video your day for you. We can’t however offer both photography and video for the same day. Its either or. Our style will be to capture your day, your personalities, your friends in a very discrete and natural way. Video is no longer in your face and we can capture everything from a distance. Remember that the biggest regret for brides of 2016 was that they didn’t get a video of their day. yes you may think you’ll only watch it the once but what happens when you have kids, or already have kids. Wouldn’t you want to show them your day so that they can see it and even remember being in it and sharing it with you. You’ll never get this day back again, treasure the memories forever. Fergul 0872215237