Autumn Wedding in the Step House Hotel Borris

Step House Hotel Borris

Autumn wedding in the Step House Hotel Borris.  One of the biggest challenges as a photographer is trying to capture a wedding in bad weather. There isn’t a lot of scope in some Hotels but fortunately the Step House Hotel in Borris has some great areas in which to use when it rains. But even still though I knew that the day was going to clear as it went on and I had a night shot in mind that I knew would make their day. You always like to capture what I call, “The Corker” An image that they will proudly hang over the fire or in the dinning room.

The Wedding

Today started off well and I was working along side the talented videographer Peter Waters and I knew it was just going to an awesome day. We get on so well that we always look out for each other, its like having a second pair of eyes. I love Borris, I love the town and how quaint it is. Its got so many places to shoot, when the weather is good. However, that said, the Step House Hotel is still a great place to shoot and with the covered balcony it makes it all so much easier for me. The layout of the hotel and the way its snug and warm is really inviting and it has a lot to offer. Staying back to cover the dances is something I really enjoy as just never know whats going to happen. If you have a medium size wedding I stingily recommend this place as you won’t be disappointed. Mary and Casey were just brilliant and they wanted nothing more than to have a blast, and that they did. Even though I have a certain style, its their personalities that I capture.


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