Autumn wedding Moyvalley Hotel Balyna Estate Kildare

An autumn wedding in Moyvalley Hotel Balyna Estate Kildare

I got booked 18 months ago for this wedding in Moyvalley Hotel Balyna Estate Kildare and I couldn’t wait to shoot it. I knew it was going to be so different in every aspect of the day. It was jam packed with things happening that towards the evening. I was getting worried I’d run out of memory cards. I hardly had time to put the camera down except when it was time to eat. The only part of the evening where nothing much was happening. Moyvalley Hotel Balyna Estate Kildare is beautifully situated in County Kildare.

The house where the wedding took place was perfect for them. Nice and cosy with loads of atmosphere. The grounds too are perfect for photography, you don’t need to go anywhere. So what was special about this wedding. Well,  . . .  they knew how to put together an awesome wedding. Full of love and friendship and loads of singing. Harmony that is to die for. Singing in the ceremony and . .  well every minute really. They are both from Zimbabwe and a lot of the family where her for this wedding. I can tell you, its so beautiful to hear African singing. They just want to celebrate this union of two people who were so much in love. I mean its something else to experience such emotion and love and celebration.

Two families totally involved with everything. I’m so glad they had a videographer for this wedding. I wouldn’t want to have missed a single thing, not just in the photos but also in video. I know they will play this back over and over again because I know I would. So normally I can catch my breath at a wedding. Get a quick cup of tea and a bite to eat, but not today. believe me when I tell you that the images below are a very small window of what was simply an ‘epic’ wedding.

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