Spring wedding in Killashee Hotel Naas

Killashee Hotel Naas

Spring was in the air in Killashee Hotel Naas, well not quite as it was the typical Irish weather, cold and damp or wet. But that didn’t put a damper on Arlene and Patrick’s wedding in any way. They were going to have a blast and no better place to have it than at the Kilashee Hotel in Naas. I arrived at Arlene’s house to capture the preps and as always you run into some very good old friends doing the make-up and hair. I knew this was going to be an amazing day, despite what the weather was going to be like ahead. I had scouted the Hotel earlier on in the mornings and had ideas of how exactly I wanted to capture everything including a night shot too. There’s one thing I always tell couples and that is to simply relax, which I know can be difficult, and just simply enjoy the day. There’s not a lot you can do right now so let it go with the flow and thats exactly what Arlene and Patrick did. They were nearly horizontal they were so relaxed.

The Wedding

If you haven’t see the set up of the room in Killashee Hotel for a civil ceremony then you really need to have a look at the images below as its quite simply beautiful. Even on a dark day its nice and bright and the decor on the walls is amazingly done. They also have a beautiful sunroom like area for taking some of the family photos which is a great help in bad weather. However after all that I still managed to take Arlene and patrick out after the speeches and get a night shot. It wasn’t very easy as the place where I want them was in total darkness so it was luck that i always bring a small torch with me as you can imagine a bride walking in the dark in high heel shoes is not very easy. Thankfully we got it and they were over the moon with it.

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