Faithlegg Hotel Waterford

Faithlegg Hotel Waterford

As a photographer you get to go to locations that are quite simply stunning. Places that I wouldn’t normally go to like Faithlegg Hotel Waterford. I don’t think I would have even set foot in the place had it not being for my profession. It really is such a joy to be able to do what I love doing. Capturing someone’s wedding day is truly a privilege. You’re being asked to try and get every essence of their day, capture their personalities and I always have such difficulty writing these blogs because I want to add all the images from the day here but it would just take too much space. So I can only offer a very small snippet of what really happened on Miriam & Aidan’s wedding day.

The Wedding

It was such a beautiful day and I knew we were in for a treat, I mean Tintern Abbey and Faithlegg Hotel Waterford. What more could you ask for, besides having good weather which was in abundance today. It make my job so mush easier when there is sunshine, but we do also like a small bit of cloud too. this nice white clouds really act like big soft boxes in the sky, but I’ll take anything as long as its dry! If you’re reading my blog for the first time then this is who I am. I’m an unobtrusive wedding photographer. I don’t interfere with anyone, be it hair or make-up. I’m there to capture your day as it unfolds. I won’t dictate to you but I will guide you as best as I can. I’ll keep an eye on time to make sure you have the most time with your family and friends. Yes there are images with just the two of you but these are guided. I set you up and then shoot from a  distance, I capture you!



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