Ciara & Niall’s Wedding in the Dunraven Arms Hotel Adare

Dunraven Arms Hotel Adare

This is the second wedding of this family. I shot Ciara’s brother’s wedding in the beautiful town of Borris 8 months ago just after Christmas so it was nice to see her family again. Ciara decided to have their wedding in the beautiful Dunraven  Arms Hotel Adare, which is situated on the main street of Adare. You know if there was a wedding where timing was everything and you hoped that it would all work out like clockwork, well this was it. From going from Ciara’s room to Niall’s room, to the pub and then back to the Hotel worked out perfectly. I couldn’t have timed it better even if I tried. Everything fell into place just right and I was there to capture it all. We did the photos in the beautiful park across from the church which is just perfect as there is no driving involved and I do love a street walk. I run up ahead and use a longer lens and you capture everything. And the timing was perfect because as they got to the hotel it started to rain. A brilliant night and I was there to capture it all. I was knackered but I loved every bit of it and I hope I will be shooting more of the family’s weddings too. When you’re on a high its hard to get down. Dunraven Arms Hotel Adare

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