A sunny spring wedding in Athenaeum House Hotel Waterford

Spring wedding at Athenaeum House Hotel Waterford

You have to admit, it wasn’t going to be long before we did a same sex wedding. However it took longer than we thought to be honest. I was hoping to shoot one a lot sooner than this. So naturally I was delighted to part of Richard and Eric’s wedding. It was such a joy to see two people in love and wanting to celebrate this. Two very relaxed individuals who didn’t want too much fuss. Richard & Eric just wanted to be surrounded by family and friends. Thats what any wedding is all about. This was my first time shooting a wedding at the Athenaeum House Hotel Waterford.

So, what about the day. Thankfully its a beautiful sunny wedding which meant having the ceremony outside in the gardens. I mean what better way than to have a wedding. It makes such a difference and when the sun shines in this county. People are in a great mood and we get a little more of vitamin D. Though some do try to get too much of that but that a discussion for another day. I’m not going to talk too much about this wedding as I always try and let me images do all that. I’m not great at writing blogs, trust me.

Why I love what I do!

I’ve always enjoyed being part of someone’s day. I love capturing their emotions while they don’t even know it. I like to be in the background just capturing people’s emotions. Its what I’m good at, its what I love doing. Images will be there forever, well you hope they will and I keep all my weddings on file. You just don’t know when someone will want a copy because they lost their own. So have a look and as always, if you like what I do please get in touch as I would be truly honoured to be allowed to capture your day for you. Memories that you’ll have for a lifetime!

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