Wedding in Mount Wolseley, Tullow – Aimee & Niall

Wedding in Mount Wolseley Tullow

When my new husband and I began planning our wedding over two years ago in Mount Wolseley Tullow, we knew it was going to be a big task. Planning a wedding when you live in Ireland is hard enough never mind living half a world away and trying to organise everything from down under. On one of our two trips home to organise all details and vendors for our wedding we met with numerous different photographers and we instantly knew that we didn’t want to have a photographer that constantly interrupted our big day. We wanted a photographer that was unobtrusive and just captured moments as they happened. As we said we didn’t want to pose for lots of pictures as that is not the type of couple we are. The moment we met with Fergul outside his studio he was very chatty and friendly and instantly made us feel at ease. Upon reviewing albums in his studio and seeing how friendly and down to earth Fergul was we both instantly knew that we had found our wedding photographer. We hired him that day. Fergul kept in regular contact with us when we travelled back to Australia sending e-mails to see how our planning was going and with a count down to our wedding day which to us was a very personal touch.
Prior to our wedding Fergul met with us at our venue and completely put our minds at ease regarding our day and told us to not worry about him that he will blend into the background and capture our special day. He again was very friendly and chatty and spent time talking to us and never made us feel like we were taking up his time. On our wedding day Fergul arrived earlier than expected as he left early to ensure he arrived on time due to the bad flooding and storms that were happening in Ireland at the time. He began taking pictures and we didn’t even notice that he was there. The only time we noticed he was present was when he was talking and sharing stories with us and our bridal party. Fergul even provided a lot of assistance to my husband and his groomsmen as none of them knew how to put on their buttonholes and fergul was the one to come to their rescue. Fergul really did what he stated and blended into the background and just captured moments as they occurred. We had a small few family pictures but as it was new years eve and quite cold we had the family pictures complete within 15 minutes much to the happiness of our families. Fergul continued taking pictures late into the night. We also hired a photo booth from Fergul which was personally manned by him throughout the evening and he printed out the pictures for our guests when he had taken them. All our guests were very impressed with Fergul and kept commenting on how nice and friendly he was. Still to this day when we talk with family and friends they comment on our fantastic photographer.
After our wedding Fergul left to spend time with his own family. Two days later he contacted us to tell us that he had our pictures uploaded and the file with all our pictures ready and available for us. He had done this as he knew we were leaving to go back to Australia. This again was another aspect that was above and beyond what we expected from Fergul. He really does go out of his way to ensure he looks after his clients to the highest degree. We were very impressed and have so so many pictures from our day. Our pictures are perfect and more than we could ever have wished for. He truly did capture moments that we didn’t even know had occurred and captured the true essence of our day for us. He truely was outstanding and we would highly recommend him as a photographer, he felt like one of our guests we had known for years as opposed to our photographer.
Aimee & Niall
Wedding in Mount Wolseley, Tullow Co. Carlow, Ireland - Unobtrusive Natural Photography

Wedding in Mount Wolseley, Tullow Co. Carlow, Ireland – Unobtrusive Natural Photography

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