Beautiful Summer wedding in the Arklow Bay Hotel, Arklow, Co. Wicklow

Arklow Bay Hotel Arklow

Incredibly enough in all the time I’ve been a pro photographer, about 9 years now, I’ve never shot in the Arklow Bay Hotel Arklow.  I have no idea why but that the way things happen sometimes. Its a beautiful hotel and definitely worth the visit. So onto the wedding itself.

The Wedding.

Its always nice to have a sister that has a cool house with loads of space and doesn’t mind a whole load of girls descending on it along with hair and make-up ladies. Everyone says to me, “it must be chaos in the house in the morning”. But it very rarely is to be honest. I have yet to see any real panic set in and even if you are running a little late, there’s not a lot you can do so stay calm and you’ll get there. Today was no different at all even with all the kids and the 5 bridesmaids. Sometimes having a few more bridesmaids can actually be a blessing as one is doing something for you another can be doing something else like getting the champagne and making sure everyone is topped up! Just not too much topped up! Well Leann was nice and calm as most are and she got there on time because poor old Gary was a bit nervous to say the least. Its not like they didn’t know each other, they’ve two beautiful kids and been together for quite some time but the bloke will still brick it when she walks down that isle, believe you me. Thankfully all went well and we even had the good weather, yes we still talk about the weather don’t we but you have to admit it really is important on a wedding. Even though we can’t do anything about it. Leann found this guest house just outside Inch with amazing grounds and I’d nearly stay there just to go around the grounds. We did the family and bridal photos there so that once we got back to the Arklow Bay Hotel Arklow, it was all just to relax and have a party, sure what else would you do at a wedding. You see I always make sure that we get to the hotel with loads of time to spare because you really want the couple to enjoy their time with their friends and family, something I do my utmost to do. Its a day to spend with them, not in front of a camera all day. You can still  get all the photos in and have time to spare if its planned properly.


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